Terms of Service

Description of CRM12

CRM12 offers customer relationship management tools in a SaaS (Software as a Service) format. End users may signup and aquire access to ways to manage contacts and followups for contacts for retail sales.

Some of the tools offered:

  • Access to a web-based platform with tools for managing contacts.
  • Functionality for scheduling followups to contact contacts again.
  • Analytics for contacts and followups.

Technical Requirements

To user CRM12 you must have a modern computer or mobile device. We attempt to make CRM12 work exactly the same on as many differtent computers, operating systems, and web browsers as possible.


CRM12 should only be accessed from the following domain:

  • crm12.com

Email related to CRM12 will arrive from help@crm12.com.


We accept credit cards, debit cards and Paypal. Billing is performed on a monthly basis based on your signup/billing date.

Prohibited Practices

Any activities that damage or produce unescessary load on CRM12 server resources is strictly prohibited. Suspicious activites may lead to account blockage or permanent deletion.

Termination and cancellation

Permanent account deletion may be requested, please contact help@crm12.com for more information.


CRM12 is an intangible software product. No returns or refunds are possible.

Free Trial

CRM12 is offered for free for 30 days, up to 100 contacts. Please see our pricing for more information.